2017 bathroom industry trends forum held

China, the largest and most influential international kitchen and bathroom exhibition in Asia from May 31 to June 3 - The 22nd China International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition in 2017 International Expo Center held, the German high instrument first mention "free to enjoy" personalized bathroom concept.

May 31, "2017 bathroom industry trends forum and high-tech strategy conference" is also held, a number of industry elites in their respective areas of development trends delivered a keynote speech, covering such as real estate, retail, decoration, hotel management, At the same time from their respective perspective to predict the downstream industry as the future direction of the bathroom industry.

At the meeting, actually Vice President Zhang Zongrong said that today, product quality is the primary factor in consumer concerns, while personalized and intelligent also sought after. High instrument of the launch of the "free to enjoy" concept, and the home has always respected the personalized home improvement coincide. The current consumer demand for high quality is more and more, there is a very large market space waiting for us to dig. Regent Hotels Group senior vice president of business development Cai Shuo said that the hotel management company is more concerned about the human nature, customization and high technology can not sacrifice convenience, which in the bathroom design requires special attention.

Data show that the international kitchen and toilet exhibition has been known as the "industry development benchmark", each year, GROHE will show here the future of new water-saving technology and innovative intelligent sustainable solutions, the definition of pure water rhyme to enjoy. This year, GROHE has introduced the concept of "free creation" to provide high-end bathroom design, to meet the needs of consumers and the need to create the ideal bathroom dream of the bathroom.


In recent years, the Chinese market gradually with the international market convergence, began to switch to consumer-driven market. Gao Yi Greater China general manager, Li live global vice president of the Department of Tao Tao believes that the future characteristics of the Chinese market is intelligent, the second is personalized, intelligent consumer demand, increasing demand for living, need to be convenient , Smart, so GROHE in the above do a lot of development. Personalization is because there are many new generation of consumers, their personality is very publicity, they do not converge, these two aspects will be the strategic pillar of the high instrument China, will strengthen and focus on the development of this. "Today, more and more customers are no longer just satisfied with the product design and quality, but also to pursue the personalized style of the show.This requires us to create a unique shower experience for consumers, while the instrument of the 'free creation' custom concept Will make it all possible. "Tao Jiang said.