​How to determine their own bathroom can install smart toilet cover?

As the smart toilet cover is to be installed in the original toilet, and each household toilet shape, size is not the same, so, in the purchase of smart toilet cover before the first to check the actual situation of their own bathroom can install:

The toilet shape determines whether the smart toilet cover can be installed

1. Check the toilet shape. If your toilet shape is optional, what round, square, it must not be installed; pay attention to the shape of the tank, especially the concave type, may block the control panel can not be installed, the best and customer confirmation. In addition, if you are on the right side of your toilet (you sit on the right side of the toilet position) no more than 10cm of space to put the control panel, I suggest you buy the kind of remote control with a smart toilet cover.

2. Measure the toilet size. Some smart toilet cover long section and short section, everyone in the purchase according to the product details page given the size of the smart toilet cover and the corresponding toilet size requirements can be measured to determine the required specifications.


3. Check hydropower. After all, is to wash the ass, so the water quality is critical, if your home is in the water, I do not recommend the use of smart toilet cover, even if there is a smart toilet with a filter device, it can not change the filter every few days, right? Smart toilet cover is the need to power, the length of the wire is generally 1.5 meters, so to ensure that there are three holes near the toilet socket, or then plug the board is very convenient.